110+ Garba Captions for Instagram with Quotes

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Garba Captions for Instagram

  • Wearing a lehenga makes me feel like dancing!
  • Dandiya night: Surat tonight!
  • Navratri is a beautiful festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The festival brings together people from all walks of life, and reminds them to connect with their inner self.
  • The Garba gang going out with a bang!
  • Come and get your dandiya on!
  • Choose a lehenga choli that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. #garba
  • Gujjus don’t just dance. We dance all night. And we do it in style.
  • Being a vegetarian for 9 days is a small price to pay for this heavenly madness!Dress like no one’s staring, dance like no one’s watching.
  • I may not be the most popular girl in college, but at United Way, I’m the queen.
  • May the Goddess bless us with peace and prosperity; may we enjoy the company of our loved ones.
  • Garba zaroori hai.
  • Dance for the one who is dancing inside you.
  • All decked in my Garba garb – now all I need is a handsome partner!
  • I feel like I’m in my own little world when I’m doing #garba.
  • Bye chicken, adios eggs, hello chaniya choli!
  • Dandiya and Garba are not just about the dance, but also about the music, the colors and the spirit of togetherness.
  • So tired from last night. But yet so ready to Garba tonight.May you have blessed Navratri and enjoy Garba!
  • The most prized commodity: Garba pass.
  • Garba be crazy. Can you keep up?
  • No matter where you are, garba is coming.
  • Garba night is the one night when every girl ditches her jeans and proudly dons some ethnic ‘fits!You can’t handle me in my Garba mode!
  • Vadodara beats Ahmedabad in Garba moves – hands down.
  • Garba is a language that speaks to the soul.
  • If you hear garba songs and your feet don’t automatically move, are you even a gujju?!
  • I like a man who’s got the dandiya moves!

Garba Hashtags for Instagram

  • My chaniya choli may be classy but my Garba moves are savage!
  • A dandiya a day keeps the monotony away.
  • Dancing is a way to connect with yourself and the people around you, and nothing says that better than Dandiya.
  • Garba is not just a dance, it’s a celebration of life.
  • Forget Everything and Enjoy Garba! Happy Navratri! May this Navratri be full of Garba and cheerful celebrations!
  • Life is a rhythm, dance to its beat.
  • Slay at United Way!
  • The people of Rajkot rock Garba nights like no other!
  • Forget Navratri – my traditional Garba outfit is enough to make me want to go out!
  • The best part of Garba is being with family.
  • Garba and girls have one thing in common – if you’re not a Gujju, you can’t keep up with either.
  • Let’s dance to the beat of happiness! #Garba #Dandiya #NavratriDance the Gujju way.
  • Garba. Shower. Repeat. And soak the blessings of Maa Durga!Garba to express, not to impress. Happy Navratri!
  • Garba is the celebration of divinity! Shubh Navratri!
  • Garba (n.): The art of joyful celebration.
  • Garba is not just a dance, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Follow your bliss. #Garba
  • Navratri is like the Goddess herself blesses us with her presence and it is the best time to feel that.
  • Garba is a form of nonverbal expression, where each person tells a story with their body.Where’s the Garba tonight?!
  • Yeah, I don’t do minimal! I’m ready for Garba from head to toe!
  • The best way to find out if you like a person is to dance with them.
  • Go east, go west, Ahmedabad Garba is the best!
  • Dandiya makes you feel like you’re dancing on air.
  • Garba is about dancing together, celebrating together, and looking good in chaniya cholis together.If you’re not dancing all night, you’re not doing it right!
  • Don’t stop dancing till the beat stops. #Dandiya

Garba Quotes for Instagram

  • Garba. Dandiya. Gujju.
  • The first round is elegant, the Second round is pro, the last round: stay out of my way!
  • If a guy brings you water when you’re thirsty from all the dancing, he’s the one.
  • Be a garba girl in a room full of Bhangra girls!
  • The night may be over but I don’t wanna take off my chaniya choli.
  • Garba is like life. Sometimes it’s nice and slow. But sometimes it’s so fast you can barely keep up even if you’re a pro!
  • The undeniable Garba champion – United Way forever!
  • May this festival of Navratri bring happiness and good fortune to all.
  • The festival of Navratri is incomplete without Dandiya. And Dandiya is incomplete without a year’s worth of energy.
  • It’s our pride day: dance like a gujju, dress like a gujju.
  • Forget chicken, I’d even leave my boyfriend for Garba.
  • Dance like your life depends on it. #Dandiya
  • The best part of Navratri is the celebration of victory of good over evil.
  • It’s not about how you dress, it’s about how you dance.
  • It’s not just about the garba, it’s also about the garb. #lehenga
  • Garba is a conversation between your body and your soul.
  • Find you a boyfriend who can do Garba for six hours straight.
  • Dance to the rhythm of life.
  • Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di.
  • Hours at the gym – only to fit into my Navratri kurtas.
  • My trad Garba dress makes up for my lack of boyfriend tonight: it’s reason enough to dance!!
  • You can dance but you can’t stop.
  • Garba is like life, it always comes full circle.
  • Keep calm and Garba on.
  • If you can’t look away, don’t worry it’s not your fault.

Garba Bio for Instagram

  • The best thing about Dandiya is that it is a celebration of life.
  • Chokri paas che, par ‘pass’ che?
  • When life throws sticks at you, do Dandiya with them.
  • What better way to celebrate our culture than with a traditional lehenga choli and some Dandiya?Eat, sleep, Garba, repeat.
  • May Maa Durga bless you with joy and happiness! Shubh Navratri!
  • Dance like you have never been hurt before.
  • I dance so my soul can remember who I am.
  • East or West, Garba is Best. May Maa Durga shower her blessings upon you!Let’s celebrate Navratri with a little Garba!
  • United Way ground brace yourself: here we come!Don’t get too close, I’m on fire tonight!
  • Garba trumps bhangra any day!
  • Garba changes everything.
  • Navratri is a festival of lights, a celebration of life. It’s a time when we rejoice, but it’s also a time to reflect.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than performing Garba during Navratri!
  • When all gujjus turn pro.
  • We wait all year for Garba nights, now we’re unstoppable!
  • Make way for the unstoppable Garba force.
  • Got our lehenga cholis, got our Garba moves, what are we waiting for?
  • Dandiya is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It is an occasion when people come together to celebrate the joy of life and love!
  • Chaniya choli: check. Makeup: check. Trad jewelry: check. Now all I need is my BFF!
  • Garba. Love. Live. Celebrate. Shubh Navratri!

Garba Puns for Instagram

  • Dandiya requires no words to communicate.
  • Dandiya is the festival of colors, joy, and happiness. It’s a time to forget your worries and have fun.
  • If I were the PM, Garba would be 99 days a year.
  • If it’s not backless, it doesn’t belong on Garba grounds!
  • Dandiya is not just about the dance, but also about the spirit.
  • If you can’t keep up with my Garba moves, don’t bother asking me out.
  • Never miss a chance to dance. Never miss Garba during Navratras!
  • May this Navratri add all the bright colors to your life. And may you never be left partnerless at Garba!Dandiya more and worry less.
  • Barish or no barish, Garba is on.
  • Days of shopping, 9 chaniya cholis, hours of getting ready – my Garba pic deserves a ‘like’ for all the hard work, right?
  • I got 99 problems but sleep ain’t one of them!
  • Happy Navratri. Let the dance begin.
  • Garba is an expression of the inner self, and it can be seen on the face.


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