90+ Carrie White Captions for Instagram with Quotes

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Carrie White Captions for Instagram

  • You will say nothing.
  • They’re trying to kill me, mama. They’re all trying to kill me. – Carrie White
  • Momma that’s not even in the Bible, it doesn’t say that anywhere.
  • Look what Tommy gave me, Mama. Aren’t they beautiful?
  • [starts to hyperventilate in anger, more blood rises off her body]
  • [Carrie is crying, she looks down at Margret and back to Sue] Why couldn’t you leave me alone?
  • Prom night will be their massacre. – Carrie White
  • I’ll never forget this, Sue. Never. – Carrie White
  • I’m sorry, Tommy. I’m so sorry. – Carrie White
  • Momma they laughed at me and they threw at me.
  • You can’t hurt me anymore, mama. – Carrie White
  • I just wanted to be normal. – Carrie White
  • [after Margret is done the two look at each other and smile]
  • [to the Principal] (gets angry) IT’S CARRIE! (flips and throws the ashtray on the floor)
  • Momma why didn’t you tell me? I was so scared momma, I thought I was gonna die.
  • I’ll show you how valuable I am. – Carrie White
  • [to Margaret White] (grabs her hair) SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET!
  • [Gently and quietly] Yes, momma.
  • It was bad, Mama. They laughed at me. Hold me, Mama. Please hold me.
  • You’re all gonna die. – Carrie White
  • (to Sue) Why not? I’ve been hurt in my whole life.
  • I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t want to be hurt. – Carrie White
  • [notices them, flings them across the gym, pinning them to the floor]
  • NO! MAMA! Let me… LET ME GO! HELP!
  • I’ve been asked to prom.
  • I’m sorry, mama. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. – Carrie White
  • They’re all going to laugh at you! – Carrie White
  • There are other people out there like me who can do what I can do.
  • [Carrie looks in sick satisfaction as she sees that the twins are finally dead

Carrie White Bio for Instagram

  • [Whispered] I’m sorry.
  • I don’t want to hurt you, mama. – Carrie White
  • I wanna talk about it right here. I don’t- I don’t wanna go inside with you.
  • [Carrie Flexes. EVERY SHARP OBJECT IN THE HOUSE IS FACING MARGRET. Margret is frozen, her eyes wide]
  • You can’t kill me. I’m Carrie White. – Carrie White
  • Tommy Ross : No I’m not trying to trick you, I’m not tricking you.
  • I’m not a burden, mama. – Carrie White
  • [a sadistic smile on her face, she says, gently and in one breath] Why Not?
  • I can’t hide what I am, mama. – Carrie White
  • I can’t take it anymore, mama. I just can’t. – Carrie White
  • I’m a nice girl. I’m a good person. – Carrie White
  • I don’t need you anymore, mama. – Carrie White
  • I’m not weak. I’m strong. – Carrie White
  • You can’t control me anymore, mama. – Carrie White
  • [Gentle and Crying] I- I killed my mom. I want her back. I’m- I’m sc- I’m scared.
  • Please, just stop trying to trick me!
  • [Carrie looks down at Margret and back at Sue. She Flexes. Upset and gentle] Look what you turned me into.
  • I prayed for God to make me normal. It didn’t work. – Carrie White
  • I’m tired of being afraid, mama. – Carrie White
  • I’m not evil. I’m not. – Carrie White
  • Go away!
  • [Looks at the prom-goers with rage, blood starts to levitate off her body]
  • I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I just wanted to be happy. – Carrie White
  • I’m not a monster. I’m just different. – Carrie White
  • Please don’t do this.
  • I’ve got a power in me, but it’s not evil. It’s not. – Carrie White
  • It’s pink, Mama.

Carrie White Quotes for Instagram

  • [to Margaret before she uses her telekinesis on the knives at her.] I’m sorry!
  • It’s not the devil, mamma, there are other people out there like me that can do what I can do!
  • [Margret grabs Carrie by the legs and pulls her] NO MOMMA! STOP IT!
  • [Confused and Gentle] You don’t know?
  • I’m not crazy. I’m not. – Carrie White
  • Or you could be happy for me.
  • Breasts, Mama. They’re called breasts, and every woman has them.
  • I’ve been hurt my whole life.
  • [touching Sue’s Belly] It’s a girl.
  • [Eyes dilate in anger] NOOOOO!
  • (to Margaret (Carrie’s Mom)) (gets thrown in the closet by Margaret) OW, MAMA!
  • I’ve been kissed before, mama. I know what it feels like. – Carrie White
  • I can see your dirty pillows. – Carrie White
  • I’m goin’, I’ll be home early, I love you, mama.
  • You can’t keep me locked up forever, mama. – Carrie White
  • [Carrie stops and turns to Margaret. Carrie flexes. Margaret’s body stops completely] I’m warning you, mama.
  • I’m not a freak. I’m not. – Carrie White
  • I can make things move with my mind. – Carrie White
  • I don’t want to be alone, mama. – Carrie White
  • You can only push a person so far before they break. – Carrie White
  • I love you too, momma.
  • No! Ow! Momma!
  • [Crying, Upset, and Angry] Get Out! Get out!
  • I can’t stop it. It’s coming. – Carrie White
  • Yes.
  • I’m not afraid of you, mama. – Carrie White
  • Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. – Carrie White
  • Aren’t you with Sue Snell?
  • I’ll never forget what you did, mama. Never. – Carrie White
  • I never had a friend, not a real one. – Carrie White
  • I’m not a witch. I’m you. – Carrie White
  • I don’t want to be Carrie White anymore. – Carrie White
  • Momma Please. MOMMA!


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