90+ Mario Kart Captions for Instagram with Quotes

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Mario Kart Captions for Instagram

  • Hey, that’s pretty nice! I think I want to buy more shops around here!
  • I got a better score this time! I win!
  • Super Mario Galaxy! Wa-hoo!
  • If food isn’t pasta, it doesn’t count!
  • Hey, leave me alone! I’m not an elephant! See? Now split!… I said split, not sit!
  • Okey-dokey. Mario get you next time!
  • Hey, I’m a big superstar! I should be able to roll a pretty good number!
  • A plumber’s work is never done!
  • My name-a Mario Mario. Of course, my brother name, a-Luigi Mario.
  • Oooh… ah! Luigi! You save Mario! Way to go! Number 1!
  • I never saw so many tonsils in all my life!
  • Welcome. No one’s home! Now scram-and don’t come back! Gwa ha ha!
  • When the going gets tough, the tough read Dirk Drain-Head!
  • Don’t think I’m going to let you win that easily, Bowser!
  • Wa-hoo! One more suit, and it’s 1-Up time! I mean, level-up time!
  • No, you don’t! No, you don’t! Come back here, you big monkey!
  • Lucky for us, I got a line on some jobs from around the world.
  • If Toad doesn’t get us outta here soon, I’m gonna eat this mattress!
  • Hello, popcorn? Where’s the popcorn? Yoo-hoo, popcorn, where’d you go?
  • Thanks for playing! Way to go!
  • Watch out for the tax man, everyone!
  • Can I sing a song for you?
  • Whaddaya say we give Bowser the old Brooklyn one-two?
  • Looks like a lot of folks came out to see today’s game. I’d like to knock this one out of the park!
  • I’ve-a got it! The Stars will help us end Brighton and Twila’s fight! We’ll throw a Mario Party to fill the Star Bank!
  • I saved-a Princess Peach and-a Daisy, and I got-a Bowser while I was-a there.
  • Yo, ‘bro. Just calling to check up. Looks like Bowser is raising his prices.
  • I wish Luigi were here, I could blame him!
  • I know you’re gonna be a great typist one day!
  • Thanks for not charging me too much for shopping here, Princess Peach! You’re one of the good ones!

Mario Kart Quotes for Instagram

  • Actually, I had planned on spending the afternoon flossing my teeth.
  • Thank you so much! I’m a king now!
  • A-meecal! It’s-a my pleasure! Hello, everyone! It’s-a me, Mario, wa-hoo! Hello! Hello! Ha ha.
  • Hey, Donkey Kong! Are you okay?
  • Hey, Luigi. Never challenge me to a game of underwater horseshoes.
  • Yeah Mario now there’s a guy who takes this very seriously.
  • Mario! The power of the Stars is restored to the castle… and it’s all thanks to you!
  • I think you mean crabby, right?
  • Tea hea… I mean, tee hee!
  • My mama’s-a Mama Mia Mario; my papa Papa Pio Mario.
  • Let’s make a deal, Toad. Swapping shops will give us both a leg up!
  • So long, King-a Bowser!
  • Hey, I think I just warped! That sure was a fast trip!
  • Welcome, welcome new galaxy!
  • Those ain’t wedding bells in your tower! They’re bats in your belfry!
  • You play so well!
  • Ouch! Birdo, you’re charging me an arm and a mustache! That’s precious gold I’m never going to see again!
  • You know, I gotta say, it’s nice to have a little Mini-Mario!
  • One toot on this whistle will send you to a far away land!
  • Come back, my beautiful gold coins! Ah well… I suppose it could be worse, right?
  • That is my impression for American advertising. Thank you very much!
  • Okey dokey!  Let’s-a go!
  • New Super Mario Brothers… Wii Hii…
  • Look at this! It’s-a king Mario!
  • Whew! I sure am lucky that your shop isn’t too pricey, Toad!
  • Thank you very much for everyone who made this-a moment possible. The Princess-a Peach, my right hand man Luigi and the best adviser in the business, Toad.
  • Hey, Yoshi! You’re gonna share all that gold with me if you win, right?
  • Oh, okey dokey, uh how about-a two sports? I’m-a said, nah, so they said, uh, how about-a three?and I said, that’s okay!
  • Looks like Mario’s gonna have to find a job.
  • Am I glad to see you! The Princess… and I… and, well, everybody… we’re all trapped inside the castle walls.

Funny Mario Kart Captions

  • You!? You make Mario and Luigi look like brain surgeons!
  • Woo-hoo! Fire it away! I’m-a ready for anything!
  • Oh yeah Mama Mia, time’s up!
  • Mario time… oh yeah!
  • Yuck! A hug from her could be bad for my health! I’d better scram!
  • My castle is in great peril!! I know it’s because of Bowser again.
  • I’m tired of playing second banana to that sneaky gorilla! Fire when ready!
  • Nice of the Princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Luigi?
  • That’s Mama Luigi to you, Mario!
  • Here’s the problem: too many toasters! You know what they say: All toasters toast toast!
  • Hey, Bro! I’m glad to see your shop isn’t too expensive. Now I’m glad I dropped by!
  • What? Stay home and take care of the house? Man, that’s not exciting at all!
  • Luigi, can’t talk long. Bowser doesn’t know my videophone still works for calling out.
  • Go, little man, go! Oh, he looks green!
  • I wanna be a great plumber like my brother Mario.
  • Toad, he’s always-a hanging around, giving me advice. And-a Luigi, well, he’s my bro; he’s got nothing to do, and he was up for it.
  • Ha ha ha! Well, I got-a good news! Princess-a Peach , she hasn’t been captured for a while.
  • I’m a-Luigi, number one!
  • No, that’s not a swing you see every day.
  • Uh-oh! Lava’s never fun! It always brings back bad memories for me.
  • Starting today, I’m-a super duper excited to be taking my talents to the Mushroom Kingdom in my new game.
  • Look, I don’t got no tonsils.
  • Hey! That was pretty good! But I know you can do even better!
  • Oh, boy! Finally! I’m-a get to move on the ground!
  • Rolling the die is just one of my many special talents!
  • Oh, nice computer you got here! Can I have it?
  • Open salami!
  • Game over! Thank you so much for-to-playing my game!
  • Take-a this! Take-a that!
  • Get back here, Koopa! Don’t you know vegetables are good.
  • I wonder if there are coins in these ruins… I’m gonna grab as many as I can!


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