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Cody Johnson Captions for Instagram

  • When you’re in a room with a guy who has a vision like that, it’s just one of those things where you close your eyes and just see that vision – then you just go with it. The guys that I write with are so incredible, just like my producer Trent Willmon, those guys know how to bring things out of me – especially things that I maybe didn’t even know that I had. – Cody Johnson
  • Some people weren’t sure whether they wanted to get on board until the very end, and by then it’s too late – so we just shake their hand and thank them for their time as well. I don’t know that I’m beating anyone at their own game, other than just being myself and doing what I’ve promised my fans, my family, and my team that I’m going to do. – Cody Johnson
  • Once we get out on the road, my tour manager who is also my guitar player does a great job of taking weight off of my shoulders where I can just focus on playing the shows. About two hours before every show, the pacing starts and the anticipation builds. I prepare for it just like I would when I used ride bulls, slap yourself in the face, wake yourself up, and get your heart going. – Cody Johnson
  • In the back of my mind, I want it to do well, but at the end of the day I literally just got down on my knees and prayed – However you want this thing to go lord, let it go that way. Low and behold, it did what it did and it’s doing what it’s doing. I’m just trying to sit in the saddle on this deal, just trying to stay on board! – Cody Johnson
  • I really think it’s just the people you put around you. For instance, you mentioned Kiss Goodbye, that was a song that was brought to me by Dan Couch and Dale Oliver. They had already started writing it without. They had put together this whole demo of music with no lyrics. – Cody Johnson
  • I really tried to push every genre that I could into this record. I wanted every song to have this feel, where as soon as the listener tunes in, they say That’s CoJo, that’s Cody right there. That being said, it is a little different. There’s Americana, there’s Bluegrass, there’s some rock, there’s some really George Jones-style stuff on it, slow-style Ray Price country elements, there’s some modern country, a little of this, and a little of that. We tried to push a lot for show versatility because I grew up with a lot of versatility in my music. – Cody Johnson
  • One of the things that I always admired about Michael Jordan was that he considered his teammates to be his coaches, claiming they would always teach him something that he didn’t know – and we’re talking about the best of the best. – Cody Johnson
  • I am who I am and I don’t think you can put a label on it. – Cody Johnson
  • I try to make sure that, when I’m writing, I don’t put too much Cody in it. But I don’t want to lose it either. – Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson Quotes for Instagram

  • Without changing my style and who I am, they [Trent Willmon and Dan Couch and Dale Oliver ] know how to draw those things out of me. It was a really cool experience on this record because I tried really hard on the writing to make sure that I wasn’t just writing it just like I wanted to. – Cody Johnson
  • I think my brand of country music is that’s been influenced by not just the rough-stock rodeo side or Ted Nugent’s let’s get crazy style, but also the stand-up and sing style’s like George Strait and Merle Haggard, and also the wild side of Chris Ledoux. – Cody Johnson
  • I don’t know about one moment that has pivoted my career. I do know that one thing that hit me and made me take a few steps back was a year at Steamboat. – Cody Johnson
  • I have a conscience, man, and I’ve worked really hard to keep it where you would feel like you were talking to the same man at one of my shows or sitting down at my dinner table. – Cody Johnson
  • It wasn’t just Willie and Waylon, and there were a lot of influences there. The coolest thing about this, is after getting to listen back to all these mixes is realizing that this record is like a bag of Skittles; every time you pull something out, it’s a different flavor. But they’re all Skittles. They’re all Cody Johnson. – Cody Johnson
  • I think if you expect it to do well, you come off a little bit cocky. – Cody Johnson
  • I think that no matter what you do, whether you rodeo, whether you work in an office, you work in the oilfield or you play music for a living, eventually if you do enough of it, the devil in the back of your head tries to turn it into work. You have to find new ways to make it new and make it exciting to keep that drive there. – Cody Johnson
  • Obviously the way that I talk and the way that I dress all has to do with the way that I was raised. As far as the drive, when I was 18 or 21 years old, everything I did was because I wanted to go play music simply because that’s what I wanted to do. – Cody Johnson
  • In the back of your mind you always want it to be successful and you want things to happen, but I’ve learned in my life that if you want something too much, even when it happens it may not be what you wanted if you set your expectations too high. – Cody Johnson
  • I don’t like reality TV as far as it being scripted and not being true reality. – Cody Johnson
  • My publishing deal is out of Nashville, my management is split between Nashville and Texas, but we are also getting to play eight other states as well as Canada and Europe this year. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself. When people ask me if I’m Texas or Nashville, I tell them I am just Cody Johnson. – Cody Johnson
  • I’d love to do a live record, I’d love to do an acoustic record, I’m already thinking about what I may want to do with the next studio record. – Cody Johnson
  • It’s really helped a ton in the sense that we get to reach people who don’t normally know our music. At least once a night at a show someone will come up to the merch table after the show and say they’ve never heard of me but they saw me on Troubadour, TX, and it reminds me that I’m not Elvis and anything I can do to get my name out there is beneficial in every way. – Cody Johnson
  • When we got to Steamboat, we were on that big stage at five in the afternoon, and it was almost at capacity. I told my guys ‘no matter what we’ve done to get to this point, no matter what lows, what highs, right now we are here and we’ve got a point to prove. It was probably one of my most memorable performances thus far. – Cody Johnson
  • All I can focus on right now is playing that record as best we can each night on stage, and that every article or radio spot that I do gives the best depiction of what we’re trying to say with this record. The next door will open when it’s time to open, and hopefully, I’ll be lead into the right one. – Cody Johnson
  • I don’t know that we’re beating anyone at their own game. I just think that we tried to include a lot of Nashville entities from the very beginning, just to see if that would work. We were trying to take my music to a different level and some people wanted me to change my style and my image, obviously, that’s not going to happen so we simply thanked those people for their time. – Cody Johnson
  • As far as the persona, I’m true to myself. Not because I’m arrogant, but I’m true to myself because I believe that you have to stand for something. When you start sacrificing that, even if it’s just a line in a song or something you say on the mic at a show or the way you treat someone when you see them out in public, that all reflects on who you are. – Cody Johnson
  • Ultimately, these fans that we’re blessed enough to have, the ones who pay money for tickets to come see us live, that’s the bread and butter. That’s the basis of what this is. Before I ever had the chance to record an album, the live show is what it’s been about. – Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson Hashtags for Instagram

  • The people that have looked out for me and helped to steer me in the right direction, I just can’t thank them enough. So, the drive, a lot of times it just comes down to looking around at the people who love and believe in you and realizing that you owe it to them. Even if I have a bad attitude on a certain occasion, I owe it to all these people around me to just come out and drive, push, and try to make this thing the best that I can – Cody Johnson
  • Also, I think I’d like to see more out-of-state shows, man. As bad as I hate to say this, I’m looking forward to playing for nobody. That’s what happens when you’re a guy like me and you travel out to Sacramento, California. – Cody Johnson
  • Pushing myself against my own will really because some of this stuff is hard. I don’t consider myself to be a great guitar player, so pushing myself as a guitar player or pushing myself as a singer, as a performer, and just riding that fine line between being so hard on yourself that it’s counter-productive and being so hard on yourself that nothing is ever good enough is what drives me. – Cody Johnson
  • I just continue to be myself and give this thing over to the good lord, just do my best every night and pretend like it’s just any other job. – Cody Johnson
  • My album was recorded in Nashville. It used to be all about We’re from Texas, forget Nashville, well you’ll never hear me say that. Nashville isn’t bad as long as you’re true to yourself. – Cody Johnson
  • It’s something that Cory Morrow said to me a long time ago – Don’t ever forget why Nashville is Nashville. The Opry is there for a reason. Country music lives there. Don’t be bitter. And don’t ever treat Texas or Nashville like either one isn’t important. – Cody Johnson
  • If you’re true to yourself, it doesn’t matter where you record your music or where you say you’re from. I am an artist from Texas, proud to be from Texas, but I play my own kind of music, my brand of country music. – Cody Johnson
  • I absolutely believe that what you sing and how you act when you’re in this position, should be the definition of who you are and where your heart and character stands. – Cody Johnson
  • There’s that area, right there, where you can be too hard on yourself or you need to be really hard on yourself – I’m trying to ride that line by telling myself that I can always write better, sing better, what can we do to make the show more interesting? Pretend that you’re the guy who’s been in the front row for the last five shows; what would make it new for you? – Cody Johnson
  • In my opinion, if you buy a ticket to see me you’re buying experience. People don’t want to see me stand there and play guitar, they want to party with us. – Cody Johnson
  • When your songs are like your babies, even the one that you know aren’t great, you still love. – Cody Johnson
  • I hate to say stuff like this because everyone dreams about playing The Opry, everyone dreams about playing Gruene Hall, but I’ve always tried to not concentrate too hard on where I want to go because I know if I put too much stock into it, it would be pretty disappointing if I never got there. – Cody Johnson


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